• President Pro Tempore Mimi Stewart;
  • Majority Leader Peter Wirth;
  • Majority Whip Linda Lopez;
  • Minority Leader Greg Baca; and
  • Minority Whip Craig Brant.


We write to follow up on the investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment against Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto brought by lobbyists and numerous women who have had contact with him on legislative business. We understand that the internal investigation, begun in March, has now been completed by an outside attorney and referred to the legislative subcommittee charged with making a determination on whether there is adequate evidence to action on the multiple charges made against Ivey-Soto.

Meanwhile, interim committees of the legislature are meeting with some of the subjects of his harassment testifying before committees on which Ivey-Soto sits. As a committee member, he has the power to cross examine, embarrass, and even intimidate the very same advocates who have accused him of harassment. He can also influence the outcome of the bills brought by these women.

To avoid this conflicted situation, which could embarrass the legislature as a whole and stifle public testimony, we call upon the Senate leadership to remove Sen. Ivey-Soto from interim committees pending the decision of the internal committee on whether his past conduct is acceptable to his fellow legislators. As you know, we believe Ivey-Soto should not remain in the Senate at all given his record of abusive behavior and uncontrollable temper. Under the current process however, we know that only the Senate as a whole is empowered to make that decision. In the interim, both fairness and decency demand that Ivey-Soto be barred from interim committees.

We are also calling upon the Senate to swiftly complete its internal process and release the full report to the public.

Thank you.


  • Heather Ferguson, Viki Harrison, and Monet Silva, Common Cause
  • Andrea Serrano, OLÉ
  • Matthew Henderson, OLÉ Education Fund
  • Marshall Martinez, Equality New Mexico
  • Austin Weahkee, NM Native Vote
  • Ahtza Dawn Chavez, Naeva
  • Nick Voges
  • Oriana Sandoval, Center for Civic Policy
  • Melanie Aranda, Center for Civic Action
  • JD Matthews, New Mexico Working Families Party
  • Kayla Herring, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
  • Miranda Viscoli, New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Mason Graham, New Mexico Black Voters Collaborative
  • Justin Allen, Millions for Prisoners New Mexico
  • Alissa Barnes, ProgressNow New Mexico
  • Sachi Watase, New Mexico Asian Family Center
  • Felipe Rodriguez, NM Dream Team
  • Michael Casaus, The Wilderness Society
  • Marian Méndez-Cera, EL CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos
  • Daisy A. Maldonado, Empowerment Congress of DAC
  • Joan Lamunyon Sanford, NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
  • Jessica Lopez Collins, Strong Families New Mexico
  • Rayellen Smith and Gary Coffin, Indivisible Albuquerque
  • Kurt Gutjahr, Climate Advocates Voces Unidas
  • Sondra Roeuny, Emerge New Mexico
  • Jared Berenice Estrada, Dreams in Action NM
  • Althea Atherton, Atherton Gazetteer


  • Raul Burciaga, Director Legislative Council Service
  • Jon Boller, Senior Staff Attorney
  • Sen. Joseph Cervantes, member Senate Ethics Committee
  • Sen. Crystal Diamond, member Senate Ethics Committee
  • Sen. Bill Sharer, member Senate Ethics Committee