See why Sen. Ivey-Soto must be removed

New Mexico deserves better than Daniel Ivey-Soto.

State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto has been credibly accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and other forms of abuse. It’s time to hold him accountable.

“You slid your hand across my side and disgustingly groped and pinched my buttocks…”

What to know:

  • State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto has been credibly accused by multiple women of a long history of sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse.
  • Several groups have called on Ivey-Soto to resign. Short of his resignation, there are additional steps that Senate leadership can take to hold him accountable and prevent further harm. 
  • For too long, Ivey-Soto has been allowed to deflect and victim-blame in the face of these serious and long-standing allegations.
  • Voting rights advocate Marianna Anaya said Ivey-Soto sexually harassed her. In a letter to Ivey-Soto, she wrote: “You and I stood at a cocktail table next to each other and you slid your hand across my side and disgustingly groped and pinched my buttocks.”
  • In denying Anaya’s allegations, Ivey-Soto disgustingly said, “I never try to get a Jehovah’s Witness to vote, and I’ve never made a pass at a lesbian. There’s just no return on investment.”
  • Additional women, who have chosen to remain unnamed, have alleged “unwanted touching and sexual advances” as well as “groping” by Ivey-Soto.
  • Ivey-Soto’s sexist language is well documented. He admits he referred to female policy leaders as “Lips and Hips.”

Besides the alleged sexual harassment, Ivey-Soto has a long, well-documented history of bullying and unprofessional behavior toward women colleagues and women with business before the legislature – contributing to a toxic culture at the State Capitol. 

  • Gayle Krueger said Ivey-Soto grabbed her and screamed at her while she was an employee of the University of New Mexico’s Graduate and Professional Student Association and he was president of its council. 
  • Miranda Viscoli said Ivey-Soto screamed and cursed at her before she was to testify on a firearms bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Carmen Lopez said Ivey-Soto “went ballistic” on her… “red in the face, spitting, yelling, getting louder and louder” in what should have been a professional environment.
  • On the Senate floor, Ivey-Soto has been called to task for creating a “bullying state” while debating with female colleagues, and had to be “reminded” by the presiding officer to keep decorum. 

Why is Ivey-Soto still in office? Why did a committee of his peers ignore the special counsel’s finding of probable cause and refuse to release the report? Ivey Soto’s behavior has been swept under the rug for far too long. We demand accountability and transparency.

The headlines say it all, and it’s an embarrassment to New Mexico: 

Seeking Accountability

A letter released last month signed by over two dozen leaders affiliated with public interest groups throughout New Mexico requested leadership strip Ivey-Soto of his interim committee assignments and to “swiftly” release the full investigative report into Ivey-Soto’s behavior. The investigation is reportedly complete yet the public has not been informed of the outcome. 

And now, several months have passed with no action. 

Leadership must take the following actions to hold Ivey-Soto accountable and create a safe, professional environment for all New Mexicans with business before the legislature: 

  1. Strip Ivey-Soto’s committee assignments and leadership roles. 
  2. Release the investigative report into Ivey-Soto’s behavior  immediately. 
  3. Take steps to eradicate bullying and sexual harassment within the legislature – including updating the State Ethics Commission’s oversight to include harassment and bullying.

It’s time to hold Senator Ivey-Soto accountable. His behavior has been the worst kept secret in the Legislature for far too long, and we cannot continue to allow him to escape accountability for his harmful behavior.

Having personally witnessed and experienced firsthand this legislator's abuse of power and aggressive behavior towards women, it is time for the Ethics Subcommittee to end the abuse and remove Ivey-Soto from office.